Hi, we're Databetes.

We help patients self-manage their diabetes.

A new approach to nutrition tracking

Meal Memory

Understand how your meals affect your blood sugar

A simple, smart logbook

  • Food-focused

    Meal Memory makes it easy to record a meal and what it did to your blood sugar. Recalling this information is easy, helping you manage that meal more accurately the next time you eat it.

  • Photographic memory

    Recording a meal starts with a photo. Add a carb count and a pre-meal blood sugar just as quickly. Two hours later, we’ll ask for a post-meal blood sugar to help you understand that meal’s effect.

  • Less guesswork

    When you eat a meal again, Meal Memory helps you see how that food affected your blood sugar previously. Use that information to manage your meal accurately this time!

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New ways to learn from your data

Patients are benefitting more each day from increasingly accurate medical devices, activity trackers and other data. Yet the daily challenges of living with diabetes remain. We want to help make all this data actionable, empowering patients to make better self-management decisions and achieve better control of their diabetes.

To do that, Databetes is developing software that integrates both medical readings and lifestyle data, such as nutrition and activity. Presenting this data together helps patients contextualize their readings and better understand blood sugar trends.

We’re starting with Meal Memory, but will soon be offering more services to help diabetes patients manage their condition, In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. What’s the biggest challenge for you as a patient?

Case Study: The Healthiest Year of My Life
Databetes founder Doug Kanter closely tracked all his diabetes data for a full year. As a result, he was able to improve his A1c readings by nearly a full point.